Right to counselDid you know that 90% of tenants facing eviction do not have legal representation, while 90% of landlords do?

Los Angeles is experiencing an eviction crisis that is forcing working-class residents out of their neighborhoods, out of the city, and, in many cases, onto the street. In turn, this eviction crisis is causing a homelessness crisis, an equity crisis, and an affordable housing crisis in our city. Evictions disproportionately affect mothers and children, immigrants, and people of color.

Right to Counsel is a national movement that demands that tenants have a right to a lawyer if they are ordered to appear in eviction court. The Los Angeles Right to Counsel Coalition supports efforts to bring a codified Right to Counsel and eviction protection to Los Angeles County residents.

Need Eviction Help Now?

Stay Housed LA County helps tenants understand their rights and connects them with legal assistance. When tenants have legal help, their chance of avoiding eviction increases by 70%. You don’t have to fight evictions or harassment alone. Contact the Stay Housed LA County team today, and get connected to the resources you need.