Fareless transit means a more connected Los Angeles.

Free TransitIn 2011, SAJE was a founding member of the Alliance for Community Transit—Los Angeles (ACT-LA), a coalition advocating for citywide land-use policies that incentivize sustainable development along transit corridors.

Today, SAJE, ACT-LA, and other partners are fighting for a city that has reliable and frequent bus service, universal fareless transit, and safety strategies that do not rely on policing.

The LA Metro system successfully operated fare-free buses during the pandemic, and we’d like to see that move made permanent. Among its many benefits, fareless transit gets cars off the road, improves air quality, eases the cost of transportation for low-income people, and gets the whole community invested in LA’s public transportation.

Read our 2023 report, The Road to Transit Equity: The Case for Universal Transit in Los Angeles here.

For more information and to get involved, email ozarate@saje.net.