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May 24, Los Angeles Times: Opinion: Here’s why L.A.’s Metro system should let everyone ride for free

May 18, Los Angeles Times: Opinion: The mass evictions at Barrington Plaza will happen again if L.A. doesn’t act to protect renters

May 11, Streetsblog LA: New Report Makes Case for Universal Fareless Transit at Metro

May 5,  UNIVISION: “No puedo abrir mis ventanas”: inquilinos se quejan por una obra que les está causando molestias en Echo Park

April 25, Press-Telegram: At LA Metro, going cashless is a bumpy road, especially for the ‘unbanked’

April 23, The American Prospect: Sen. Tim Scott’s ‘Land of Opportunity’ (Zones)

April 17, Los Angeles Daily News: LA Mayor Karen Bass to deliver her first State of the City address

April 13, USC Annenberg Media: Owner of South L.A. business recounts the store’s history in the area

April 13, LAist: LA Banned Rent Hikes During The Pandemic. But Complaints Are Higher Than Ever

April 13, Nonprofit Quarterly: Protecting Tenants as Los Angeles Decarbonizes

April 9, Jacobin: The Gentrification Scheme Behind Los Angeles’s “No-Build” Olympics

March 30, Telemundo52: Fin de moratoria para desalojos en Los Ángeles

March 30, Patch: Controversial LA Real Estate Tax Kicks Off April 1: What To Know

March 30, LAist: As COVID-19 Protections End, LA Renters And Landlords Brace For Possible Eviction Wave

March 22, Los Angeles Daily News: LA City Council OKs motion to create tenant right to counsel ordinance

March 22, Spectrum News 1: LA City Council OKs motion to create tenant right to counsel ordinance

March 20, Daily Breeze: LA Councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky appointed to LA Metro board by Karen Bass

March 16, Alta: LA’s Third Rail

March 9, USC Annenberg Media: Twenty-Eight for ‘28: Metro madness

March 7, BisNow: LA Apartment Association Sues To Prevent Enforcement Of New Renter Protections, Says It’s ‘Got More Coming’

February 17, Los Angeles Magazine: L.A. City Council Members Want to Protect Renters with Right to an Eviction Attorney

February 16, LAist: Long Invisible in LA, Renters are Now Winning Elections

February 14, The Daily Breeze: Tenants Facing Evictions Should Get Free Legal Representation, LA Councilmembers Say

February 13, KCRW: Could Guaranteed Eviction Lawyers Help LA Tenants Stay Housed?

February 12, Los Angeles Times: Mayor Bass Orders List of Vacant City Properties Where Homeless Housing Could Be Built

February 12, USC Annenberg Media: Three LA City Councilmembers Want Lawyers Provided to Tenants in Eviction Court

February 3, USC Annenberg Media: Marriott Hotel Debate Comes to an End in City Council

February 2, Spectrum News 1: Housing Advocates Push for Renters’ Right to Counsel

January 30, USC Annenberg Media: L.A. City Council Approves New Anti-Eviction Policies to Protect Renters

January 23, LAist: LA’s COVID Eviction Rules Could End Soon. Here’s Everything Renters Need to Know

January 17, NBC News 4: City Council Says Proposed South LA Hotel Should Be Used for Affordable Housing

January 5, Spectrum News 1: With LA’s COVID-19 Tenant Protections Set to Expire, Some Fear Eviction Wave


December 10, Los Angeles Times: Should L.A.’s Train and Bus Rides Be Free? Karen Bass May Soon Decide

December 7, Spectrum News 1: LA Council Bans Gas in New Buildings in “First Step” toward Electrification

December 3, Los Angeles Daily News: LA Metro Bends to Critics, Adopts Pay as You Go and Removes Fare Hikes

November 23, Los Angeles Daily News: After Negative Feedback, LA Metro Readjusts Fare Schedule, Keeping Transfers and Base Rate

November 16, San Gabriel Valley Tribune: Metro Riders Blast New Fare Plan as Unfair to Low-Income Passengers

November 12, Los Angeles Daily News: LA Metro’s New Fare Plan Caps Rider Costs, But Some Say It’s Mostly a Fare Hike

November 6, Forbes: Meet the Real Estate Billionaire Who Hates Affordable Housing and Loves Trump and the GOP

November 4, Los Angeles Times: Female Ridership Down on L.A. Metro, and Satisfaction of Buses, Trains Falls, Survey Shows

November 3, Capital & Main: Beyond Racism, Leaked Recording Showed Martinez, Cedillo and de León Feared L.A.’s Majority: Renters

November 2, Los Angeles Daily News: Survey Says: Fewer Females Ride LA Metro Buses and Trains, Many Citing Safety and Harassment

November 2, KCRW Radio: Two City Ballot Measures Attempt to Take on L.A.’s Housing Crisis

October 29, Los Angeles Times: South L.A. among Communities Awarded State Grants for Climate Projects

October 19, The New York Times: Is Wall Street Really to Blame for the Affordable Housing Crisis?

October 18, Spectrum News 1: Measure ULA Aims to Fund Affordable Housing through Real Estate Tax

October 18, In These Times: Voters Could Help Stem the Homelessness Crisis in L.A. Next Month

October 7, USC Annenberg Media: Record Heat Wave Disproportionally Hurt South LA Residents

September 30, La Opinión: Medida ULA promete cobrar impuestos solamente al 4% más rico de la ciudad de Los Ángeles para crear viviendas asequibles

September 28, Capital & Main: A Year Into New Los Angeles Law to Protect Renters, City Has Taken Zero Landlords to Court

September 22, Los Angeles Daily News: LA Metro Boosts Plan for Bus and Rail on Vermont Avenue Stretching from Hollywood to Athens

September 15, LAist and KPPC Radio: A New City Motion Could Help Angelenos Get Some Fresh Air To Face Heat Waves

August 31, KCET Television: L.A. City Council Leverages Eminent Domain to Buy Hillside Villa Apartment Building On Behalf of Tenants

August 25, Los Angeles Times: Op Ed: Seize the Downturn: Why California Should Leverage a Recession to Build Affordable Housing

August 11, Los Angeles Daily News: Renters Are Largely Left Out of the Eco-Home Movement, But Solutions Exist

August 5, Reuters: Where Do I Stay? California Rents Spike Up to 10%

July 8, The Sacramento Bee: “A Fighting Chance.” California Can’t Deny Rent Relief after Tenants Sued State over Program

June 30, Los Angeles Times: California’s Eviction Moratorium to Lift at Midnight, Despite Rent Relief Concern

June 29, Telemundo: Piden más protección para inquilinos tras expiración de la moratoria en California

June 28, La Opinión: Miles de inquilinos piden se extiendan protecciones permanentes para evitar el desalojo

June 23, LAist: LA’s City Council Asks: Is It Time to Phase Out COVID-19 Renter Protections?

June 14, Los Angeles Times: His Crusade to House L.A.’s Poor Praised by Oprah Winfrey, Garcetti. But Others Have Doubts

June 9, LA Progressive: California Rent Relief: How Not to Provide Emergency Rent Relief

June 7, The Sacramento Bee: “Profoundly Unfair”: California Tenants Sue State over COVID Rental Aid Program

May 26, dot.LA: E-Scooter Startups Are Quietly Changing Their Equity Programs in LA

May 18, KPCC Radio: Finding Housing Becoming Even More Difficult in Los Angeles, Inland Empire as Rents Skyrocket, Limited Units Available

May 12, ABC7 News San Francisco: CA Eviction Moratorium and State Rent Assistance Both Ending

March 9, Los Angeles Times: Proposal Would Limit How Landlords Can Screen Potential Renters


June 22, Los Angeles Times: Calls to Defund the Police Spread to L.A.’s Transit System

June 13, UCLA News: UCLA Law Clinic Issues Groundbreaking Housing Crisis Report


June 10, Curbed LA: New Report Underscores Link Between “Shocking” Number of Evictions, Homelessness

May 21, Fox11 News Los Angeles: L.A. County Considers Funding Eviction Defense for Low-Income Renters

May 21, Univision: Proponen Program de Asistencia Legal para Inquilinos en Proceso de Desalojo

May 16, Los Angeles Times: Editorial: Support Funding for Civil Counsel in California

May 16, Curbed LA: Free Legal Help for Tenants Who Get Eviction Notice? LA Poised to Budget $3M for It

May 1, NBC4 News Los Angeles: L.A. Councilman Say $10 Million Needed for Tenants’ ‘Right to Counsel’ 

May 1, Telemundo52 Los Angeles: Concejal Propone Fondos para Ofrecer Asesoria Legal a Inquilinos

April 23, Los Angeles Times: Editorial: L.A. Renters Deserve a “Right to Counsel” for Evictions

April 20, Los Angeles Times: Editorial: Better Access to Legal Representation Is Crucial—Even in Civil Cases

April 11, Los Angeles Times: Tenant Activists Want L.A. Mayor Garcetti to Put $10 Million into “Right to Counsel”


August 29, LA Weekly: L.A. Considers Providing Lawyers For Renters Facing Eviction

August 11, Los Angeles Daily News: Right to Counsel for LA Tenants Facing Eviction Moves Forward

August 9, LAist: LA is Considering Free Lawyers For People Facing Eviction