This site does not collect much user information, but it does collect some, and we want you to know exactly what is collected.

Personal Data

Obviously, if you intentionally provide us with your personal information by submitting a form, we collect that information. That is the only personally-identifiable information SAJE collects on our users.

Aggregate Data

This site uses Google Analytics to collect data that we use to learn about user behavior, such as:

  • How users find the site
  • What pages users visit
  • How much time users spend on the site
  • How many pages users visit
  •  Whether a user is a new or returning visitor
  • It’s not you, it’s us
  • We use this data in order to evaluate whether our site content and efforts to direct traffic to our site are working or whether they need improvement.

We want to know how we’re doing, not who you are.

Details, Fine Print and Everything

More information on what data is and is not collected can be found by clicking here.