Keep LA Housed Phone Zap


The effects of COVID-19 will be felt for years to come. Recovery will depend on how well we protect each other, not just from the virus, but from the devastating economic burden. With $1.3 billion in rent debt in LA County and over 293,000 Angelenos behind on rent, LA elected officials need to ACT NOW and ensure ALL Angelenos recover from this crisis.

Join us for the #KeepLAHoused Days of Action this week! As we call on our local leaders to:

✅ Provide EQUITABLE access to rent relief programs

✅ Eliminate ALL Covid-19 rent debt

✅ Create PERMANENT protections for renters against evictions and harassment 

Here are 2 easy ways you can take action for a #DebtFreeRecovery to #KeepLAHoused:

1️⃣ On Wednesday 6/2 — Tell key local elected leaders that a #DebtFreeRecovery is the ONLY WAY toward a FAIR recovery for ALL OF US. Los Angeles must eliminate rent debt & protect tenants.

2️⃣ Sign the petition to let your local representatives that you support the #KeepLAHoused Platform. ✒️📋  You can sign here!