SAJE to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors: We Need a Tenant Bill of Rights!

By SAJE Staff

May 10, 2022

This morning, SAJE joined Keep LA Housed coalition and community members in downtown Los Angeles to demand that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors enact a Tenant Bill of Rights and make COVID-19 protections permanent. 

California recently passed AB 2179, a flawed eviction protections bill that includes preemptions, gutting the local protections that Angelenos fought for and won over the past two years. This leaves countless families who are working to get back on their feet vulnerable to harassment and eviction and at risk of becoming permanently unhoused. In addition to the humanitarian crisis that evictions cause, they have significant fiscal impacts on the county, as housing insecurity increases public costs related to shelter and housing programs, school funding, health care, and child welfare. And, workers who experience displacement are 20% more likely to lose their jobs compared to workers who do not experience displacement. 

The Tenant Bill of Rights is a policy solution that provides a uniform countywide framework for tenant protections. It seeks: 

  • Rent stabilization to the maximum extent allowed by state law
  • Universal just cause eviction protections
  • Limitations on evictions for failure to pay rent
  • Relocation assistance for tenants displaced for no fault of their own
  • Effective tenant anti-harassment protections
  • Safeguards when landlords attempt to buyout tenants
  • Codified right to counsel for tenants facing eviction
  • Strong proactive code enforcement
  • Removal of discriminatory barriers to housing access 

To get stay informed and get involved in the campaign visit this link, follow #keeplahoused on Instagram or follow @KeepLAHoused on Twitter. To read the entire Tenant Bill of Rights, click here.