The Just Recovery Series: Beyond Wall Street Landlords

Beyond Wall Street Landlords

Without an eviction moratorium or debt cancellation policy the most severely affected tenants remain in jeopardy of eviction and a prolonged hardship following COVID-19.  The Just Recovery Series: Beyond Wall Street Landlords by Strategic Actions for a Just Economy investigates who truly owns Los Angeles’ housing property and how the increasing privatization of Los Angeles County’s housing market threatens COVID-19 recovery and the future of equitable development in the most marginalized neighborhoods. Share Beyond Wall Street and read the rest of the Just Recovery Series to learn more about our plan for restoring equity in LA. 

Tenant Rights Are Human Rights

Increasingly, tenants have found it impossible to pay rent during the pandemic. Going forward, even more renters will be unable to pay back-owed rent debt when temporary tenant protections expire. As eviction filings rise, permanent displacement becomes a greater threat for vulnerable communities. Corporate interests are already profiting from the pandemic. The immediate impacts of the crisis include job loss, landlord harassment, illegal lockouts, evictions, and houselessness. Below you’ll find a tools designed to connect tenants and organizers with resources and information they need.

The Just Recovery Series

Corporate landowners have developed a housing system that profits from disenfranchising Black and Latinx communities. Everyone deserves an opportunity to recover from the pandemic. The Just Recovery Series examines the consequences of archaic housing legislation and offers innovative solutions to restore equity to the people who need it most. Community-based organizations, working-class tenants, advocates, and state actors, have a unique chance to shift the status quo of structural inequality by enacting policies that disrupt patterns of corporate conquest in low-income communities of color. Read the full Just Recovery Series here.