A big thank you to all who came to our Spring Fundraiser and Launch Party for the Organizers’ Warning and Notification for Tenants (OWN IT!) tool. And to all of you who supported from afar – we missed you and are so grateful for your partnership.
The OWN IT! launch was a big success. We heard over and over again how excited people are about using the tool. Even better, some of our partners who have been testing the tool shared with us how they’ve already been using the tool to support tenants and to build campaigns for housing justice. Have you had a chance to use it?
Go to www.OWNIT.la to explore the powers of democratizing data around ownership, changes of ownership, housing conditions, development activity and more. You’ll also find its companion tool, The Rent Control Finder, which assists tenants and organizers in identifying which properties are protected by rent control, starting with units in unincorporated LA County covered by the new interim ordinance.
OWN IT! aims to support the 6 million tenants in LA County in achieving these three objectives:
1. Stop displacement
2. Grow and strengthen tenant organizing, and
3. Expand the use of community ownership strategies.
New OWN IT! features and developments to come. Please let us know how OWN IT! is helping you in your efforts and how it can be improved.
Visit www.ownit.la to see the public version of the set of tools that supports
Stopping displacement of our neighborhoods
Empowering tenants and housing justice advocacy
Expanding the use of community ownership strategies

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