OWN IT!, the Organizers’ Warning Notification and Information for Tenants, is an interactive mapping and notification toolkit that identifies properties at risk of displacement throughout Los Angeles County, making it easier for tenants and community organizations to take steps to address these pressures.

OWN IT! has three goals
1) Stopping displacement of our neighborhoods
2) Empowering tenants and housing justice advocacy
3) Expanding the use of community ownership strategies

SAJE has been developing this toolkit with many of our partner organizations who are committed to tenant rights and we are excited to launch OWN IT! so that others are able to utilize it as a resource for the success of their organizing campaigns and inform and empower tenants.

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Your donation will support continuing to expand this toolkit and support SAJE’s efforts in equitable development and tenant rights.

We believe that development should benefit all.

The fate of neighborhoods should be decided by the people who live there. We’re working with South Central LA residents to build better neighborhoods for the same neighbors.

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Empowering Tenants

We work with over 1,600 tenants to fight for safe, healthy housing each year.

Creating Economic Opportunities

We’ve helped over 2,500 workers find good jobs through the Jobs Coalition.

Advocating for Affordable Housing

We’ve helped to secure 400 units of affordable housing for low-income Los Angeles residents.

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