Housing and Health in Los Angeles

By: Christopher Clark Housing policy has a profound impact on public health in Los Angeles. Housing unaffordability, residential instability, and poor living conditions have all been linked to serious mental and physical health problems among adult residents, as well as developmental problems in children. These three areas of housing policy (affordability, stability, and quality) are interrelated: when housing becomes less affordable,

Community Mother Herlinda Anguiano Faces Destruction of Home

Before I left the South Central residence of Herlinda Anguiano, 66, she stopped me and made me promise I would thank my mother every day.  I immediately felt sick.  I don’t thank my mom every day, and I don’t show her I want her life to get easier as she gets older.  Herlinda’s life just got harder and more uncertain

Measure M lacks anti-displacement investments; will push out low-income communities in LA County unless Metro acts now

More than anything, new development in Los Angeles needs to serve the community residents who currently live here.  This November, voters will decide whether or not to pass a measure that will add a series of transit extensions and fund road improvements. The measure could produce positive environmental and economic impacts which could turn LA into a viably sustainable city.