Popular Eduction

For the past decade SAJE has conducted People’s Planning Schools to give community members the tools necessary to participate in the planning decisions that affect their lives.

The People’s Planning School curriculum follows a popular education format designed to inform and engage residents in community planning so that they can play central roles in the protection and revitalization of their neighborhoods. The presentations and interactive activities teach residents about the governance structure, the relevance of urban planning to their lives, and how to advocate for changes that will prevent poor planning and displacement in the future.

Community members also learn how to mobilize their neighbors to build their collective power. Specific modules have focused on affordable housing preservation, affordable housing creation, equitable development, equitable transit-oriented development, healthy housing, integrated pest management, environmental health, environmental justice, and community plans.

If you are interested in contracting SAJE’s Technical Assistance Team for People’s Planning School assistance, please write to info@saje.net.