Zombie Policies Returned From Dead

By Alex Ferrer Though the reception of the Opportunity Zones in the press has been unapolagetically boosterish, the program is a consummate example of what nobel memorial prize winning economist, and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman calls a “zombie idea.” Like the climate change skepticism, trade balance obsession, and trickle down tax policy that Krugman refers to, Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones and Disaster Capitalism

By Alex Ferrer Opportunity Zones are a massive tax incentive program for investors with capital gains to put their money into projects in designated low income communities. As we talk about in our report Displacement Zones, the Opportunity Zones tax breaks create a predatory relationship where outside investors receive huge giveaways to engage in extractive projects with no protections ensuring

Disaster Capitalism: Money from Misery

While a disaster could be an opportunity to address existing stresses and  inequities, it’s also an opportunity to exploit them. Many times vulnerable communities are hit twice by disasters, once with everyone else, then again during recovery. Los Angeles and specifically South Central, have witnessed the devastating impact of natural disasters and financial crises. Following the 2008 housing finance crisis, when tenants lost their

COVID19 Resources

In support of nationwide efforts to promote safety and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 SAJE has adjusted our operating procedures. In-person meetings and onsite services have been suspended indefinitely. However, we’re still offering community support. Visit our Tenant Action Clinic page for information on COVID-19 adjusted clinic format. You can find helpful resources and important updates on emergency order

Saving Tips for Renters

Conservation is a community effort. Every member of our communities plays an important role in maintaining LA’s resources. When we each do our part to conserve, the result is a healthier, happier, hydrated Los Angeles. If saving resources, isn’t exciting enough, how about saving money while you do it? Here are five saving tips for renters from the Los Angeles