Campaign Director, Right to Counsel

Join our fight for housing justice in Los Angeles!

SAJE (Strategic Actions for a Just Economy) is hiring a Campaign Director to work with our Tenant Rights Anti-Eviction Team. The Campaign Director of the LA Right to Counsel Coalition Campaign will be responsible for effectively leading and coordinating SAJE’s efforts to codify a right to counsel and expand robust tenant outreach and education programs through ordinances and budget allocations in jurisdictions across Los Angeles County.

About SAJE: Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) is a 501c3 organization located in South Central Los Angeles. We are a membership-based organization, and for over 25 years we have worked side-by-side with our neighbors to improve our community by advocating for tenant rights, healthy housing, and equitable development. We train people to organize and advocate for themselves, their families, and their communities. We believe the fate of city neighborhoods should be decided by those who dwell there and collaborate with community organizations and public officials to ensure this occurs in a manner that is fair, replicable, and sustainable. Our staff includes community organizers, outreach specialists, canvassers, researchers, and communication specialists, organized in cross-functional teams.

The Tenant Rights Anti-Eviction Team works to keep tenants from being displaced by fighting for both tenant protections and the prevention of illegal evictions. We organize tenants to fight for policies based on their experiences and needs. Our team also does outreach, and currently includes the Stay Housed unit, which educates the general public about their rights and, if needed, can connect them to legal representation.

Successful candidates will have a strong commitment to social, economic, and racial justice; be warm and positive with community members; and be organized and detail-oriented, with excellent time management-skills and a strong capacity for problem-solving. They will also be flexible in both time and mind: this position requires weekly evening commitments and some work during weekends.

SAJE Directors are part of our management team. They are responsible for directing staff, collaborating with the organization’s directors to lead campaigns or projects, and designing SAJE strategy and programmatic or operational direction. Directors proactively oversee an ongoing process of organizational development within the team they lead and its work areas. Directors are responsible for participating in fundraising efforts and grant reporting pertaining to your programmatic areas. Directors usually report to the Executive Director.

The Campaign Director will also have the following job responsibilities specific to the Right to Counsel Campaign:

  • Lead coordination of and between campaign Right to Counsel Campaign steering committee, other campaign organizing spaces, and implementation committees
  • Lead campaign strategy with campaign steering committee and all coalition members and communicate decisions to steering committee for execution
  • Co-develop advocacy approaches, campaign, and project strategy with other organizational directors/coalition members
  • Co-develop coalition building with other organizational directors/coalition members
  • Develop and maintain appropriate relationships with all coalition and ally organizations
  • Develop and maintain appropriate relationships with elected officials and their staffs
  • Keep track of campaign work plan, set agendas, and facilitate campaign and coalition meetings
  • Create and maintain centralized data and resource hub of digital files including notes, files, documents, and graphics for coalition
  • Ensure follow up and systems management on strategies decided in committee spaces
  • Maintain listserv and communication with campaign members, supporters, and coalition partners.
  • Coalition development and engagement
  • Troubleshoot issues as they arise

The Campaign Director will also have the following general job responsibilities:

  • Have up-to-date knowledge of all policies, political issues, or any other relevant information in your issue area or work area
  • Lead team in planning, designing, and executing work plans to achieve goals
  • Develop, hold, and maintain key work relationships, especially with leadership in other organizations, elected officials, key bureaucrats, and others
  • Train new staff
  • Play a role on the management team in making important and sometimes confidential decisions about financial, personnel, and legal matters
  • Co-develop advocacy approaches with other organizational directors and develop and maintain appropriate relationships with elected officials and their staffs
  • Co-develop coalitions with other organizational directors, develop and maintain appropriate relationships with ally organizations, and take the lead in coalition facilitation and organizing as appropriate for SAJE
  • Co-develop campaign and project strategy and planning with other organizational directors
  • Manage calendar, set goals, and create a weekly work plan
  • Have commitment to social, economic, and racial justice
  • Support SAJE’s mission, vision, and policy stances
  • Manage all the staff on your team: approve timecards, monitor work progress, and monitor and ensure compliance with SAJE policies and procedures
  • Provide interpretation and translation from other languages, dialects, or language registers if your knowledge and skills enable you to do so
  • Participate in other SAJE activities as needed. These duties include participating in SAJE all-staff activities as well as attending meetings and hearings, canvassing, fundraising, and other events
  • Perform other duties as the organization’s needs determine

Top candidates will meet most of the following qualifications for the position:

  • Minimum 4 years experience in grassroots organizing in low-income communities of color and/or campaign management
  • In-depth knowledge of the work area (policies, political landscape, administrative practices, etc.)
  • Demonstrated track record of success in a lead role in a community, nonprofit, advocacy or public sector organization
  • Track record of being a strong community engager and facilitator, including ability to hold multiple perspectives and approaches of coalition members and organize collectively around shared policy and organizing goals
  • Commitment to closing the access to justice gap in eviction court proceedings in Los Angeles
  • Commitment to leadership development. Ability to step into leadership with humility while also regularly thinking about how to help people recognize their agency
  • Ability to collaborate including working well with others and thriving in contexts where you are bringing people together to achieve a shared policy and organizing goal
  • Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced, time-sensitive environment
  • Track record of accomplishing goals and objectives individually and in a coalition environment
  • Experience in developing campaign strategy, program, and communication materials
  • Good communication skills, effective and concise writing skills, problem solving skills and strategies
  • Knowledge and experience with Google Suite, E-blasts, and other digital organizing tools
  • Ability to work effectively with elected officials and their staff; organizational and community allies; and community residents
  • Ability to work in a team setting and provide/receive constructive feedback
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English- Written and Verbal (Preferred)
  • Knowledge of the work area – evictions, access to justice, the unlawful detainer process (policies, political landscape, administrative practices, etc.) AND/OR lived experience with housing instability and the eviction process with a willingness to learn the technical details of the eviction process in Los Angeles County.

Required Qualifications

Must Be Able To: 

  • Communicate verbally in English
  • Write and read well in English
  • Use or learn to use widely available and commonly used software and to use a computer
  • Type
  • Do simple mathematics
  • Use or learn to use Excel or other spreadsheets
  • Record data and read data in databases
  • Work well in teams and communicate effectively with other individuals
  • Stand and walk for long periods of time
  • Lift weights up to 50 pounds
  • Carry on appropriate conversations, participate attentively in meetings and trainings, and develop productive professional relationships
  • Perform a variety of duties even with distractions or interruptions, and adjust priorities quickly
  • Be vaccinated against diseases as recommended by medical professionals


The salary range for this position is $71,500–$79,000. Compensation includes health benefits (medical, vision, and dental), a 403b retirement plan, and three weeks of vacation per year (four weeks per year after one year of service).

To Apply

SAJE is an equal opportunity employer; we strongly encourage people of color, women, and LGBTQI people, veterans, and people of all ages to apply. SAJE is a family-friendly employer. Accordingly, we strive to maintain a forty-hour work week and a sustainable work/life balance.

Please send a thoughtful cover letter, resume, and three references as Microsoft Word attachments to by July 29, 2022. In your email, please include subject line “Campaign Director Application.”