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SAJE is a founding organization of the National Right to the City alliance.

We're reframing the fight against gentrification as a fight for the Right to the City.

The Home Page is a citizen journalism project aimed to raise awareness of slum housing conditions in order to change public policy. The site is a project of Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE) and is part of a larger effort to build leadership in the community and hold property owners and government officials accountable for the conditions that affect tenant's health and welfare. Funded by the California Endowment.





























 Making our voices heard in cap and trade funding allocations


Historically, low income communities and communities of color have suffered the most from the cumulative effects of toxic pollution. Current research has also identified their vulnerabilities to the consequences of global warming. Simply put, the poor and people of color live in the most toxic environments and stand to suffer the most as a result of climate change. However, the State’s cap and trade auction revenue, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions while creating co-benefits, especially in disadvantage communities, has the potential to deal with these two disparate but connected issues. The current budget allocates $872 million in investment, with at least 25% required to benefit disadvantages communities and a minimum of 10% for projects located in our boundaries. This is an enormous investment in our communities and it must be our voices that guide how it will be implemented.


Last month, the UCLA Luskin Center released a report aimed at furthering the conversation as to how the cap and trade auction funds should be implemented in disadvantaged communities. SAJE, along with other founding members ofAlliance for Community Transit-Los Angeles (ACT-LA), made significant contributions to the report to ensure that investments maximize the benefits to our communities and decrease unintended negative consequences, like a net loss of affordable housing or displacement of residents and small businesses. You can read the entire reporthere. We will continue our advocacy as local agencies create the guidelines for eligible projects to make sure that the promises made to our communities are fulfilled.


To learn more about our advocacy efforts, please contact Lizzeth Henao Rosales




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